Whitelists available from all competitive Team Fortress 2 leagues across the world.

Create & generate custom whitelists to use in mixes, scrims/pcws, pickups, lobbies or even matches!

Modify whitelists and play with all the weapons Team Fortress 2 has to offer.

This simple ad supports running the server, so you can enjoy custom whitelists in your Team Fortress 2 games.

Frequently Used Whitelist Presets

Please join the whitelist.tf Steam Group and try out your own custom whitelists!

Custom whitelists on servers

Use the server plugin TFTrue and set tftrue_whitelist_id with the preset name or ID of your favorite or custom generated whitelist and enjoy playing with always up to date whitelists.

Use serveme.tf to rent a server and use the custom whitelist download feature to play with a whitelist you created on whitelist.tf, or perhaps with a league config you've never tried before!

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