September 2nd, 2013

Hello Team Fortress 2 league admin(s),

My nickname is Wiethoofd and I created, which is a website where you can easily view and generate whitelists to be used in the Team Fortress 2 tournament mode.

I created this website/tool to help the TF2 community and make up for the lack of custom whitelists being used in mixes, lobbies and pick-ups. allows you to:

For this last point I need your help. Since it is really simple to create a new whitelist, it should be easy to add or update a current whitelist used by any league. Generating a (new) whitelist will result in a whitelist ID which I can assign to a league, filename and game mode.

An excellent example for this are the changes in the UGC Highlander S11 whitelist. The old whitelist has ID 35 and will currently redirect to the 'UGC Highlander (Season 10)' preset (filename: ugc_9v9_s10). Some changes were made to this whitelist 1 and the current whitelist has ID 109 2. Once you inform me about this new ID, I can then update the preset; so that when you visit the UGC Highlander preset (filename: ugc_9v9) it shows the new 109 whitelist instead of the old 35 whitelist.

You might wonder what has to offer for you, as an eSports organisation. With you will:

The only thing I ask in return is a heads up when you update your whitelist and get a new whitelist ID; this ID can be linked to a preset and filename and should then be passed on to me so I can update any existing presets.

Hopefully I am able to convince you to start using to display your whitelist(s) and offer easy downloads. If you decide to do this, I will create space on the main page with a logo and easy access to your whitelist presets.

Wiethoofd (

1 Banning the Darwin's Danger Shield and the Enforcer
2 Update September 9th: Whitelist ID 109 is now the preset: 'UGC Highlander (Season 11)'

TL;DR: Link your eSport org whitelist to and I will maintain your whitelists.