Help / FAQ

This page serves to aid users on how to use the site, as well as a collection of frequently asked questions.

Why this tool/website?

The Team Fortress 2 community needed a central hub for all competitively used whitelists. Furthermore, manually writing whitelists was a pain, so an automated tool would be greatly beneficial.

Why can't I ban the default weapons?

Stock weapons can not be blocked by the item whitelists and will show an error line blocking your 'stock weapon' in the console when executing the whitelist. Ultimately, you will end up with stock weapons as your loadout. However, there is a SourceMod plugin which allows you to disable stock weapons.

How do I get a whitelist to work on my server?

Servers with TFTrue/tf2rue

If your server is running TFTrue or tf2rue, you only need the whitelist ID/preset to download and execute the whitelist on your server.
rcon tftrue_whitelist_id <id/preset name>
This downloads the most up to date version of the whitelist file and executes it. Work without requiring mp_tournament to be enabled.

Servers with SourceMod

There is a SourceMod plugin downloader which allows for automatic downloads of item whitelists to your server.
rcon sm_whitelist_id <id/preset name>
This downloads the latest version of the whitelist and executes it.

Servers without SourceMod or TFTrue/tf2rue

First, you need FTP or admin/game panel access to upload the whitelist .txt file into the tf/cfg folder of the match server.
To activate the whitelist type the following in your console. (If you have a game panel, you can leave out the 'rcon' part).
rcon mp_tournament_whitelist "cfg/whitelist_filename.txt"
rcon mp_tournament_restart

This will load the whitelist and restart the tournament mode. Only after this restart will the whitelist take effect.

My whitelist blocks all cosmetic items, but after an update new hats show up, what is wrong?

Your whitelist probably automatically allows all new items that are added to the game. Check the 'Share url' in your whitelist or go to and download the newest version of your whitelist file.

I want a certain weapon, hat or miscellaneous item banned but don't understand the whitelist file.

Check out here what the content of the whitelist file is.

I am a TF2 League administrator and my whitelist/preset is wrong or missing?

Generate the whitelist you'd like to see added or changed, contact me (Wiethoofd) and I will update/add the whitelist.

I want a custom filename/preset. How do I get one?

You can donate and pick your own filename/share URL. If you are an administrator of a league we can have a chat and you preset(s) may end up in the menu as a default option.

Why isn't my question here?

It might have not been asked frequently enough. Contact me and I will try and answer your question.

I found a bug/have a feature request, where do I go with this?

Tweet @Wiethoofd, post it on the Steam Group, add me on Steam, send a message on Discord or email: .